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God Loves Everyone - Pride

No exceptions!

Pride’s Theme

This year’s theme is Generations of Strength.”

Convey a Visual Message

A marching contingent is brought together by a shared sense of purpose through the use of visual messages. Having something to do: carrying a balloon (no mylar), flag, banner, sign, a prop, or wearing a special t-shirt, or other costuming, or participating in a short walking performance (30 seconds max) reinforces this image of unity.

We are people of faith UNITED IN SPIRIT, affirming and celebrating LGBT people! What is the message you want your group to convey? How can your group tie into the United in Spirit contingent and Pride’s official theme?

Some ideas for themes or messages: My faith doesn’t discriminate! / We bless you! / ALL are welcome, God loves/blesses you, God loves everyone / LGBT are children of God / God bless ALL families / God bless ALL marriages / we support gay marriage, LGBT Made in the image of God (with a rainbow). For more inspiration, please check our photo gallery or our Facebook page.

We want to make an impression! The crowds catch our energy as we smile, sing, dance and wave at folks. It can be powerful for folks to hear someone in clergy or church attire say aloud these simple words: “God blesses you.” Some marchers hand out blessing cards, beads or leis with their church’s contact information. Others sign “I love you” to the crowds.

Signs, Flags and Banners

There is plenty of room on your congregation’s banner for creativity, decoration and artistic statement. Flags can be easy to make, carry, fly, wave and twirl! Carrying large lightweight props can be an effective way of brightening up the contingent.

It can be fun and satisfying to design and create a parade sign or banner with the positive message you want to convey. A variety of signs can attract attention and help keep attention on our contingent and your message for a longer period of time. Don’t be embarrassed by handmade signs — people often say handmade signs feel more personal and believable. Make sure the text is large enough to be seen by the crowdgoers!

Purpose of Signs

  • make your message clear
  • affirm, inspire and persuade
  • counteract condemning messages
  • prevent misunderstanding of your message
  • raise issues which people might otherwise not think of
"I Love You" / American Sign Language (ASL)

“I Love You” (ASL)

Boost the Message

Bring a camera and take lots of photos! Sharing your photos on social media will spread our positive message beyond the crowds on Market Street.

Before we step onto the parade route, we’ll take photos of our contingent, each church/group, as well as individuals with their signs and outfits! These photos help with promoting future participation and can be included in your church or denominational newsletter and sent to your church’s lgbt affirming group.

Please share your photos on our Facebook page following the parade.

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