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We are grateful for all our volunteers & donors who
help our parade contingent come together every Pride.

How can I help?

  • Contingent Monitors (see below)
  • Assembly Photographers
  • Marching Photographers
  • Videographer
  • Cheerleader/Songleader
  • Communion Leader/Servers
  • Megaphone message shouter

Watch 11 min online safety video in advance

San Francisco Pride has a mandatory online training video for all parade participants so we can get oriented and move together safely and smoothly as one joyous unit up Market Street. In order to march, we need several volunteers to watch the video and complete the survey, selecting Training Code UN3711 to register that you have trained. Please email Michael Leslie once you have completed the training:

What is a Contingent Monitor?

Each contingent needs volunteers who act as a safety chaperones walking the parade route WITH our contingent. Contingent Monitors watch an online video training prior to the parade, learning about the assembly area, the parade route, safety and the dispersal plan. Monitors must be clean and sober for the parade so they can respond in an emergency situation and help our contingent move safely and smoothly. If there is a vehicle, Pride requires a monitor stay at each wheel through the entire route. Monitors wear an identifying badge or sticker they get from the Contingent Coordinator in the assembly area on the day of the Parade.

When are the Monitor Trainings?

In order to meet our quota of contingent monitors, each congregation marching is asked to recruit volunteers. When volunteers complete the online video training, make sure to list the name of the contingent as “United in Spirit”, and entering the correct training code (see above) rather than the name of your congregation/group.

Parade Day

When you arrive to the assembly area find the United in Spirit Coordinator, Michael Leslie, who has your identifying monitor buttons or stickers. You will wear these during assembly through the parade route and dispersal. Please make sure our contingent participants understand the dispersal plan.


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