2019 Parade Day Info

Join us in sharing a powerful message of spiritual unity as we celebrate LGBTQ people in San Francisco Pride.

ASSEMBLE: 11:30 AM, Sunday June 30, 2019
BLOCK M – Main between Market and Mission
Line-Up #136. Look for the Cable Car & United in Spirit banner
MARCH/STEP-OFF: 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM
Due to crowds, allow plenty of extra travel time.
Public transit is recommended.
No parking available and violators are towed.

Get ready for the parade!

Each congregation marches together carrying their own banner or marches behind the United in Spirit banner. The parade is a perfect time to show off your congregation’s LGBT-affirming T-shirts, signs, rainbow flags, fabulous outfits, beads, and boas. Some congregations hand out beads, leis, or other pride related items (tagged with congregational info), affirming prayer cards, temporary tattoos, magnets, and so on.

Have your round-trip transit ticket or pre-loaded Clipper card ready to go before Sunday as there will be long lines at ticket machines. Get traffic and transit information to SF Pride Parade and Celebration by calling 511 or visiting www.511.org. If you’re coming by BART, travel to the Embarcadero Station and exit towards Main St. Pack water (no glass), lunch or healthy snacks. Check San Francisco weather on the morning of the parade. Wear layers, comfortable shoes, a hat, and plenty of sunscreen/lipscreen! So that our contingent is healthier and more accessible to those with sensitivities, please use fragrance-free products if available.

Special needs

Those who are elderly, disabled or cannot stand for long periods of time can make use of the special needs assembly seating area at Command Center (77 Beale St) which also has accessible restrooms if you need them. Or you may prefer to make use of our motorized cable car which provides a seat and shade.

Watch 11 min online safety video in advance

San Francisco Pride has a mandatory online training video for all parade participants so we can get oriented and move together safely and smoothly as one joyous unit up Market Street. In order to march, we need several volunteers to also complete the training survey, selecting United in Spirit as the Contingent name and Code UN3711 to register that you have trained. Please email Michael Leslie once you have completed the training:

11:30 am – 11:45 am: Marchers arrive, check-in, and get to know folks

The parade begins at 10:30 a.m. and goes up Market from Beale to 8th St. Some folks arrive early to watch the parade kick off at 10:30 a.m. and then gather in the assembly area by 11:45 a.m. After arriving at the assembly area, contingent monitors and congregation/group leaders will sign-in with the United in Spirit contingent coordinator, Michael Leslie. Organizers from each congregation will be provided with line-up information and contingent monitors will receive identifying buttons/stickers. As we are part of a large parade, there will be a waiting period in the assembly area. Use this opportunity to take photos and get to know and network with your fellow marchers! You can also add finishing touches to your signs or make-up, and finalize decorations on your banners and outfits.

12:15 pm: Interfaith Liberation Meal

Each year we share in an inclusive ritual in the assembly area before we march. Todd Atkins-Whitley of Danville Congregational Church will lead this year’s interfaith liberation meal. You do not need to hold any particular theology or even be a member of any congregation, to receive these gifts. Let this experience unite us across traditions. Folks from neighboring contingents may join us. All are welcome! So that everyone may participate, water or grape juice is served with bread or a gluten free option. Ministers or religious leaders who wish to volunteer for the service, please meet with Todd Atkins-Whitley, at the cable car at 11:45 am.

12:45 Line-Up & Boost with photos. We are #UnitedinSpirit!

Michael Leslie will line-up the contingents and insure safety and wheel monitors are in place as we prepare to march. Before we step off on the parade route, take time for photos of the contingent, each congregation and group, as well as individuals with their fabulous signs and outfits! Sharing photos from the day along with the reasons we march helps spread the love! You can also take video and photos during the parade and share them on our Facebook page. Use the hashtag: We are #UnitedinSpirit! to help spread the message and promote future participation. After the parade, write something up for your congregational newsletter and share it with your denomination’s LGBT-affirming group.

1:00-1:45 pm Step-off and share the love

The Parade goes up Market from Beale and ENDS at 8th & Market. For safety, a wheel monitor will be in place at each wheel of the cable car as we step-off and throughout the parade. Pride has greatly reduced delays by improving the parade dispersal plan. However, the estimated step-off time of 1:00-1:45 pm is an approximation. Patience is a virtue! Follow instructions of parade staff and volunteers and our contingent monitors. If interviewed, keep walking to prevent delays. Please don’t forget tell the interviewer that your congregation is marching with United in Spirit — an interfaith group of LGBTQ-affirming congregations. Once we step off onto Market Street, enjoy the experience. Greet the crowds with smiles, songs, dance and waves. Keep in mind that it can be quite meaningful for folks to see a congregation carrying a sign with “God loves You” or to hear a marcher or say aloud: “God loves/blesses you.” You can also quietly bless people, wishing them happiness, as you pass them, smiling and waving!


The parade ends at 8th & Market! MARCHERS GO FORWARD on Market Street to 9th Street towards the Pride Celebration. VEHICLES & WHEEL MONITORS TURN LEFT (South) down 8th past Mission Street.

Following the parade, check out United in Spirit’s Referrals Booth & Interfaith Rainbow Chapel at the Celebration. The booths will be on McAllister, between Larkin & Hyde, on the side of the street opposite from the Asian Art Museum. Spaces: S008 & S009.

More Details

Please forego perfumes, after-shave, cologne and don’t use spray-on sunscreen in crowded environments as it may cause reactions.

The San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration and Parade is a smoke-free event per San Francisco Health Code, Article 19L.


  • Be aware there is a waiting period in the assembly area
  • Porta-POTTIES should be on the same block or in front of 77 Beale Street (don’t wait, can take 30 minutes!)
  • No loud music in assembly area pre-parade!
  • Stay in line-up position from 12:45 PM.
  • Marchers stay on sidewalks in assembly
  • Keep center of street clear


  • March BROAD, spread out, no single file or clusters
  • NUDITY IS NOT PERMITTED, but you might see it!
  • Don’t stop at TV cameras
  • If interviewed, keep walking to prevent delays.
  • EVERY contingent will make it on TV/Web
  • SMILE, wave, and keep moving at cameras!
  • Increase or slow pace to CLOSE GAPS, but no running
  • No getting on or off the cable car once the parade has begun.


  • Put personal items in a wearable bag
  • NO GLASS containers (plastic/metal OK)
  • HAND items to crowd, NEVER THROW!
  • No STICKERS with heavy glue backing
  • Do not place stickers on public buildings (FINES!)
  • NO MYLAR balloons & high-flying streamers (MUNI WIRES!)
  • Careful, watch out for grates in the street (tripping hazard)
  • BE ALERT and aware of your actions
  • Do not engage protesters. Notify Safety Team.
  • Report anything suspicious to Police.
  • Call 911 in an emergency.
  • Stay safe after the parade, DON’T LEAVE ALONE
  • YELL OR USE A WHISTLE to signal for help!
  • For safety, YOU MUST BE SOBER to participate

Safety Command Center is at 77 Beale Street.

  • Special needs assembly waiting area (scent-free) is available at command center (77 Beale Street)
  • Parade leadership will be wearing RED T-shirts and gap monitors will be wearing PINK T-shirts.
  • Medical staff will be wearing WHITE RockMed T-shirts and SAFETY MONITORS will be wearing LAVENDER T-shirts.
  • Please follow ALL their instructions for the safety of everyone.

Media & Legal

  • MEDIA NOTICE: Broadcasters will record and transmit the contingent, logos, signs, slogans, and individuals in it, and SFLGBTPCC may retain and use those recordings to promote and advertise future Pride parades, celebrations, and events in any and all media. Participants may be included in the Parade recording and transmission, and your participation constitutes complete consent and permission for SFLGBTPCC to use the recordings as described above.
  • LIABILITY DISCLAIMER:  You release from liability and waive any rights to recovery from SF Pride or United in Spirit for any personal, property, or other injuries that You may sustain while participating in SF Pride. You acknowledge Your obligation to obtain appropriate insurance coverage for activities, and participation in relation to SF Pride.
  • By participating in the United in Spirit Contingent, you are a consenting party to our contract with SF Pride.
  • Your participating in the United in Spirit contingent signifies your agreement to release United in Spirit, its agents, and organizers of any liability, cost, and damages resulting from my participation.

Watch the Parade!

  • LIVE Broadcast Sunday: Comcast Hometown Network Channel 104 at 10 a.m.
  • Prime Time Sunday: KOFY TV20-Cable 13, starting at 7:00 p.m. Full coverage (set your DVR)!
  • Also: Watch on XFINITY TV with On Demand starting Monday at 7:00 p.m.

If you are asked for an interview, briefly share part of your story. Who are you and what group are you marching with? Say UNITED IN SPIRIT and your congregation’s name if you are marching with one that is LGBT-affirming. Why are you marching? Are you queer and a person of faith? Do you have family members who are queer? Who did you bring with you? How did you/your congregation come to this place where you want to publicly show support LGBTQI people? How are you/your congregation working to make your congregation safe and welcoming to LGBTQI people?


One of the purposes of our contingent is to reach out to our LGBTQI siblings, to express our love and to acknowledge our inherent shared human dignity. Marching in the parade is a simple, yet deeply human gesture that conveys these ideals. We encourage participants to smile and be friendly, available, and genuine. As representatives of your spiritual communities, orient yourself to convey love and recognize that as a child of God, anyone you meet in the parade has infinite worth in God’s eyes.

We have always received a loving reception from crowds! However, if there is a negative confrontation by an angry individual, don’t get drawn into contention, just say a silent loving prayer for that person, smile, and focus on the folks who are happy to see you.

Because the church has a mixed record on LGBT issues, there may be instances where individuals want to engage in discussion in the assembly area or after the parade. If you are willing to engage, it can be loving to listen and restate what you understand they have shared with you. It can be powerful to acknowledge the sins of religion and say that we are working to change that! If you do not feel comfortable engaging, you could consider a simple redirection: “I understand you feelings. We are here to share a message of love and acceptance” Or your own loving words.

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