Michael Leslie, Contingent Coordinator

Michael Leslie, Contingent Coordinator

Join United in Spirit in San Francisco Pride
June 23-24th, 2018!

We march because we want to share the message that God’s love is for everyone. We represent congregants, churches and religious leaders who celebrate and welcome our queer brothers and sisters. We look forward to the transformation of all religious communities so that LGBT people are affirmed everywhere. – Michael Leslie, UIS Coordinator


For more than twenty-five years, our contingent of Northern California congregations, religious leaders and people of faith has affirmed and celebrated LGBTQ+ people in the San Francisco Pride Parade. In recent years, churches/denominations represented have included American Baptist, Congregational (UCC), Disciples (DOC), Episcopal (EC), Presbyterian (PCUSA, More Light, Cumberland), Catholic, Methodist (UMC), Unitarian (UU), and Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC). Our interfaith witness includes offering referrals to Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, and Muslim groups as well.

We gather to march in San Francisco Pride on the last Sunday of June. As crowds line the sidewalks of Market Street, we celebrate all the colors of the rainbow and community. We share a message of love and acceptance. We smile, dance and bless the crowds as we carry our church banners and LGBTQ affirming signs. Please join us, invite your friends and church family, and lend us your prayers and blessings.

We are asking interested individuals, congregations, associations, presbyteries and conferences to join with us in supporting this effort. Nearly $2000 in financial contributions are needed to cover parade registration, insurance and the cable car rental amount. The cable car is needed so that we can accommodate the disabled and those who would otherwise be unable to participate. Please contact Michael Leslie 510.527.2663 to make a contribution or discuss sponsorship.

These churches/groups (or their individual members) participated in 2017 Pride Parade

All are invited and welcome!
Register or contact us if you’d like to participate.
Updated contingent list posted here.

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